Riverwalk2015 - Participant Application Form
** Deadline for submission: 27. March 2015 **

Are you ready to Riverwalk?
…do the following statements describe you?

_ You want to get a bit wild this summer…
...while you walk, bike, and paddle along wild rivers in Italy and Slovenia during a 2 week* international youth exchange.
_ You are a motivated young adult (between 15-30 years old)…
…who wants to get active for rivers and the environment.
_ You are interested in a cultural exchange...
…and want to get to know 20 other young people from Austria, Italy and Slovenia, other activists, locals, and experts.
_ You are looking to improve your leadership and teamwork skills, outdoor abilities, learn more about environmental issues and…
…get active in helping to protect wild and wonderful rivers in the Alps!

If you answered, „yes!“ to these questions then you are a good candidate for this project! Apply now to have the chance to join us on this exciting journey from the mountains of northern Italy to the crystal blue waters of the Soča River in Slovenia, be part of a great international team and help us discover and protect wild, wonderful rivers!

* NOTE: This project has only been partially funded (for the Slovenian part) by an Erasmus+ grant; however, we hope/expect that the Italian part will also be funded. In the event that it is not funded, the Riverwalk will likely only take place in Slovenia for 1 week: 01.-07.09.

Where and When?
The Riverwalk 2015, as planned, will start west of Tolmezzo, Italy on the border of Friuli Dolomiti Alps Natural Park on August 24, 2015.
From there we will follow the Tagliamento River east, eventually crossing the Slovenian border and meeting up with the Emerald Queen of the Alps – the Soča River and then continue to our final destination: Kobarid, Slovenia on September 7, 2015.

Why are we doing this?
The number of free-flowing, intact rivers left in the Alps is dwindling and WWF and many local partners are actively protecting the last wild rivers in the Alps. We want to increase the awareness of the importance of free flowing rivers, connect active and motivated young adults from Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, develop participants’ leadership skills and form deep personal connections to two incredible river systems: the Tagliamento River (Italy) and the Soča River (Slovenia). More info at: www.river-walk.eu

How much does the Riverwalk cost?
In order to secure your place in the project, a participant fee of 50,00 EUR will be collected and must be paid within 3 weeks of being notified of your acceptance on the project team. This fee will help cover all costs (camping fees, meals, outdoor activities, etc.).

Privacy: All personal information collected will be used only by the organizations and never shared with a 3rd party for any reason without the individual’s prior consent.
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1. Why? Why do you want to participate in the Riverwalk? What do you hope to get out of the project? *
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2. What can you bring to Riverwalk? What special skills, experience, “know-how”, personal qualities, etc. can you bring to the Riverwalk project? *
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3. English will be the common language during the exchange. How comfortable do you feel communicating in English? (Please answer in English) *
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4. Your experience: While not required, it is good for us to know: How much experience do you have in camping & hiking, outdoor activities, and environmental projects, campaigns, etc.? Please briefly describe your experience: *
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5. Would you like to join the planning team? We are looking for individuals from each country who are willing to help with the planning of the project (route, accommodations, menu, activities, workshops, etc.) Are you willing to participate in the planning of the Riverwalk? (estimate ca. 1-2 hours/week) *
If yes, are you willing/interested in attending the preparation meeting 21.-24. May
If you could not check any of these boxes above, please explain why below:
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6. IMPORTANT!!! Are you prepared, willing, and able to… (please check  all that apply) *
Declaration of consent: With my signature I confirm that, if I am accepted to participate in the Riverwalk project, I will attend and participate actively in this exchange, given no unexpected circumstances prevent me from doing so, for the entire length of the project: August 25 – September 7, 2015.*
(By adding your name, this is your electronic consent)
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* Again, we are not 100% that the week in Italy will take place. Also, if you cannot attend the entire time, please list the dates when you are not able to attend.
Dates when I cannot participate:
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Crossing the Emerald Queen of the Alps - Soča River
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