Fursuit Quote Form
All slots are currently CLOSED, but feel free to fill out this form and I will contact you with a quote so you know how much to save up when I open.

All examples can be seen at: https://www.aeluromancy.com/fursuits/gallery

Fursuit slots are NOT first come, first served. I will choose a project based on how well I think I can complete it, as well as who can pay the most upfront!

Please read my Terms of Service (https://www.aeluromancy.com/terms-of-service) before filling out this form. Expect a quote within two weeks after filling out this form!

Prices listed below are approximate and can fall anywhere within the range given. They are subject to raise at a later date as well.

I can be contacted @aeluromancyarts on Twitter or Instagram, or on my email gretchenwalker88@gmail.com
Name and contact information (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, or Email only please)
Are you over 18? If not, can I work with a parent or guardian primarily during the commission process? This is to protect me, since minors cannot have PayPal accounts.
Reference sheet of the character(s) you are interested in getting a quote for. (if you don't have a link to it, either upload it to Imgur to make one, email it to me, or DM me on Instagram or Twitter. My links can be found at the description above this form).
What kind of fursuit are you interested in commissioning? The price for each item will be in the range provided and depend on complexity and materials needed. Please note that ALL commissions must include a head at the minimum, I will not take parts commissions. NOTE: As of 7/17/20, I will not be able to take on more fullsuit commissions until summer of 2021, please keep this in mind.
If you selected a fullsuit, what is your approximate height and weight? This doesn't need to be exact, just so I can approximate how many yards of fur I would need. I would require a duct tape dummy for exact measurements if you are chosen.
Would you need a payment plan? If so, please explain. I would need at least 50% upfront to secure the slot, and am more likely to choose someone who can pay within a month.
Do you need any changes not listed in the options above? For example, if you would like a partial with wings, or a plantigrade bodysuit without handpaws. I will include this additions or subtractions in the quote.
Anything else? Was your ideal commission not represented in the list above, for example a partial with wings or a fullsuit without a tail because you already have one? Does your character have anything not noted on the ref sheet that you would like to include, or something on the ref sheet that you would not like to include? Do you have any specific fur or minky colors that you would like me to use? Anything that may affect the quote, please enter below.
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