Global Island Partnership Membership Application Form
The Global Island Partnership ( is a voluntary and inclusive partnership of island champions - countries and organisations - who inspire and support each other to take action and produce results for island communities. This form should be completed by any entity interested in becoming a Council Member, Affiliate Member or Friend. Your application will be reviewed by the Board against the following criteria:
- Your country/organization shares and supports the Partnership's mission to build resilient and sustainable island communities
- Your country/organization will be a champion of the Partnership and its mission
- Your country/organization adds to the Partnership’s credibility

Please see the full member criteria on the last page of this form. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive confirmation from the Board Chair as well as be invoiced for your first year of membership (excluding Friends and unless otherwise requested with the Coordination Team). Invoices are issued by Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT), as the fiscal host of the Global Island Partnership and who provide finance, administration and legal support as the Partnership is not a legal entity. We look forward to receiving your application via this form. Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.
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Details of Applicant Country/Organization
Name of Applicant Country/Organization
Name & Title of Head of Applicant Country/Organization (most senior level representative)
Address of your Office
Type of organization
Web address
Your Social Media Handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
Details of Member Focal Point
One person should be nominated as the focal point who is responsible for:
- Updating the Coordination Team to changes of your Member Focal Point
- Identifying a Communications person in your organization/country
- Sharing the priorities, outcomes, opportunities and value of GLISPA within your organization/country
- Sharing the relevant goals and priorities of your organization/country with the Partnership
- Identifying who in your organization/country should be engaged at various GLISPA Activities, initiatives and working groups.
Name of Focal Point
Position Title
Email Address
What type of membership are you applying for?
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What USD amount will you contribute annually for membership?
Are you interested in making a multi-year membership pledge? Multi-year pledges help the Partnership’s sustainability. Pledges will be invoiced annually in January of that year or as requested by you.
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About Joining
Why are you interested in joining the Global Island Partnership? (1 to 2 paragraphs)
What is the main goal you want to advance through GLISPA? (1 to 2 paragraphs)
How did you hear about the Global Island Partnership? If through an individual, please let us know so we can thank them
Global Island Partnership Membership Categories Explained
Members of the Global Island Partnership benefit from being able to:
- Leverage the Partnership’s strong network of political leaders (heads of state, ministers, governors, ambassadors) who act as champions to leverage financial, political, and institutional support for island action.
- Connect and collaborate with partners from across political jurisdictions to support the implementation of commitments, the scaling of solutions, and to track progress in relation to the SDGs.
- Strategize with other members and partners to strategically frame island issues and show how islands can provide scalable solutions to global challenges.
- Incubate, launch and strengthen high-impact initiatives to move forward mutual priorities.
Council Members
- Council Member are closely involved in strategy, goal and priority setting of the Partnership (including invited to Council meetings and strategy sessions)
- Recognized during events coordinated by the Partnership as well as on communications materials and websites
- Invited to Partnership events (including high level events)
- Encouraged to include the GLISPA logo on their website as a strategic partners
Affiliate Members
The reduced fee for affiliate members (USD500 to 4,999) has been introduced to ensure the Partnership is accessible to entities that do not have capacity to pay the full membership fee or are newly engaged in the Partnership and getting a feel for how we work and the value of the partnership. Affiliate Members will meet the “ Council Member Criteria” as well as recognize that after participating for more than one year that they will consider moving toward full membership.
Friends of GLISPA
Friends of GLISPA has been introduced to recognise the valuable contribution of entities that actively participate in strategy implementation e.g. working groups, event support and coordination, strategy advice and planning. Friends of GLISPA will meet the “Members Criteria” excluding point 2 in obligation to contribute financially to the partnership. All friends and members of GLISPA are encouraged to support the overall growth and sustainability of the partnership.
Member Criteria
Council and Affiliate Members will receive a letter of invitation to become a GLISPA Member from the Board Chair based on the entity having:
- Demonstrated commitment or having experience relevant to building resilient and sustainable island communities
- Committed to contributing an annual membership fees (Jan to Dec) between October to January for the year ahead or have signed a pledge confirming the member fee amount and due date sent to the Coordination Team. Members who have not paid fees by end of January may be removed from marketing materials at discretion of Board Chair or the Board.
- Nominated a Member Focal Point (see ToR Member Focal Points)
- Capacity to be a champion of the Partnership and its goals and priorities
- Commitment to the growth and sustainability of the partnership through:
- Moving toward multi-year membership
--Actively encouraging other countries/organizations to become Members
--‘Giving’ additional funds through budgetary support or by including GLISPA in relevant proposals benefiting from our services or helping to ‘get’ funds for the partnership via actively securing a financial contribution from a new financial supporter
--In-kind support by funding things that the partnership would otherwise have to pay for e.g. staff, events, office costs.
--Recommending and engaging new prospective members and participants around our priority areas
- Friends and Affiliate members that have participated in the partnership for more than one year and have capacity to pay are encouraged to move toward full membership.
- The Board reviews membership on an annual basis.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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