CannaMakeADifference Day Participation Application
501(C)(3) Nonprofits that meet the criteria (see below) can participate in CannaMakeADifference Day, December 3, 2019! Your nonprofit, if you meet the criteria listed below, can have your own giving page on our CannaMakeADifference Day website to receive donations directly from the cannabis community.

- 501(c)(3) with current IRS filings
- Good standing with your secretary of state, or like department
- Approved states include AK, CA, CO, MA, ME, MI, NV, OR, VT, WA, MD
- Have an annual budget under $1,000,000.00
- Have actively researched and agree to openly accept support from the cannabis community/industry
- Your Board of Directors has approved your participation in CannaMakeADifference Day

CannaMakeADifference Day Grants

If you have not taken the steps above, we will be providing grants in the above mentioned states in conjucntion with local and/or state community foundations. Your organization, as long as it meets the above criteria 1, 2 and 3, will be able to apply to a partner community foundation in your state for possible funding. All grants will be administered by the community foundations. Applications for grants will be accepted in Q1 of 2020 (exact dates TBD).

Grants will be distributed to EVERY COUNTY in each state with the amount determined as a percentage of population of the state.

The amount of grants will be determined as follows:

- Total raised on our CannaMakeADifference Day per state and per category of nonprofit
- Total raised per category will be divided amongst every county in each state
- Total amount in each category in each county will be determined by estimated population of each county
- Total amount allotted to the county the nonprofit is servicing, as stated in the application
- Total amount requested by a nonprofit
- Total impact on the county if the grant applicant is awarded the grant
- Total amount of the request against other potential applicant amounts for a specific county
- Total number of grants awarded by the Grant Committee for a county

How will the funds be distributed?

The donations from CannaMakeADifference Day will be collected by the 501(c)(3), public charity, the DoingGood Foundation. The DoingGood Foundation will partner with local and/or state community foundations to administer the grants in a city, region, and/or state. A local and/or state grant selection committee comprised of cannabis industry leaders, local government officials, philanthropists and nonprofit leaders will review applications and determine grant awards. The grants will be issued in Q3 of 2020. Grant awards will be based upon this criteria:

1) 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with IRS
2) Nonprofit size (Must be under $1,000,000 annual budget and verifiable)
3) Verifiable current annual 990 which can be used for review (if under $50,000 income/annually are exception)
4) Be based in State of focus
5) In good-standing with said state
6) Financials
6) Projected impact of grant on population served
7) Ability to meet impact goals within 9 months
8) Ability to report impact according to requirements
9) Agrees to provide quarterly updates
10) The nonprofit agrees to post in newsletters, social media, and acknowledge on their website appropriately, as other grantors or sponsors, that they are accepting money from CannaMakeADifference Day.
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Our organization, if awarded this grant, willfully, and without reservation, agrees to acknowledge via newsletter, website inclusion and through our current and future social media campaigns, that we are receiving the funds through a grant by "CannaMakeADifference", as a requirement of this grant. *
Applicant Acknowledgement
By providing my FULL NAME, and title and/or position with said organization, I acknowledge that this is an application and do agree to provide and adhere to the above information and also acknowledge that I am able to enter into agreements on behalf of said nonprofit.
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