CannaMakeADifference/DoingGood Foundation Grant Application
CannaMakeADifference Operational and Program Grants are administered by the DoingGood Foundation. A Grant Selection Committee will review all applications and make the decision for grant awards based on on the following criteria:

1) 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status with IRS
2) Nonprofit Size (Must be UNDER $1,000,000 annual budget VERIFIABLE)
3) Verifiable current annual 990's which can be used for review (if under $50,000 income/annually are exception)
4) Colorado-based Nonprofit
5) In Good-Standing with State of Colorado
6) Financials
6) Projected impact of grant on population served
7) Ability to meet impact goals within 10 months
8) Ability to report impact according to requirements
9) Provide Quarterly updates
10) WILL post in newsletters, social media, and acknowledge on their website appropriately, as you would any other grantor or sponsor, that you are accepting money from CannaMakeADifference.

**Grants are for General operating or program support ONLY. We are NOT accepting capital requests.

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DBA if applicable
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Is the current budget under $1,000,000? *
Our organization, if awarded this grant, willfully, and without reservation, agrees to acknowledge via newsletter, website inclusion and through our current and future social media campaigns, that we are receiving the funds through a grant by "CannaMakeADifference", as a requirement of this grant. *
Applicant Acknowledgement
By providing my FULL NAME, and title and/or position with said organization, I acknowledge that this is an application and do agree to provide and adhere to the above information and also acknowledge that I am able to enter into agreements on behalf of said nonprofit.
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