Return to school survey
For the first time in several months Fulton County's new Covid cases are dropping below the Substantial level. As a result, we are conducting a survey to determine how many parents would choose to keep their children at home on Cardinal Academy and how many would choose to send their children to school when on-campus classes become available (Masks would still be required on transportation and on campus.). This information is important as it will assist the School Board in considering possible hybrid scenarios based on social distancing guidelines.

Please complete the survey by Tuesday at Noon if at all possible. If you need assistance in completing the form, please call the High School or Elementary School office. Thank you for your participation. Only one parent needs to fill out the form.
Parent Name *
Students' Names/Grades *
If the Forbes Road School Board were to decide to return on a hybrid schedule, would you keep your child enrolled in Cardinal Academy or have them return to on-campus instruction? *
If some children in your household would attend classes on campus while others would stay on full remote, please indicate which students would be returning using a hybrid model. *
If you live in a multi-family household, please list below the names of those students so the school can try to schedule them in the same hybrid group. *
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