Salary Negotiation for Earning to Givers
Thank you for applying to Training for Good's salary negotiation training for E2G professionals.

Training for Good is running a 3-hour training programme in salary negotiation, with up to 4 follow-up coaching sessions, to help you maximise your donation potential. Through practice and feedback, you will hone your salary negotiation skills while developing a concrete plan for negotiating a raise or promotion. Programmes will run on the following dates:

- ONLINE: Sat, 20th Nov 2021, 10am - 1pm (UTC)
- ONLINE: Sat, 4th Dec 2021, 3pm - 6pm (UTC)

By the end of the workshop you will have
- A clear plan for navigating the negotiation process from start to finish.
- A precise salary goal and a compelling rationale for why you deserve it.
- The negotiation skills to maximise your earning (and donation) potential.
- The confidence to ask for and successfully negotiate a significant salary increase.

In this application form, we ask for personal information regarding current salary and donation rates to help us select suitable trainees. This information will never be shared with anyone outside of Training for Good, will only be used for this purpose and will be deleted within 12 months to protect your data privacy. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further, please email

Training for Good is a new effective altruism training organisation, incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship in 2021, which aims to upskill people to tackle the most pressing global problems.
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"Earning to give involves deliberately pursuing a high-earning career for the purpose of donating a significant portion of earned income, typically because of a desire to do effective altruism."
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