Ohio City Inc. Awards: Nomination Form
Each year, Ohio City Incorporated recognizes outstanding neighbors, leaders, and businesses from across our neighborhood by presenting these eleven awards at our Annual Meeting. Your input and nominations are needed! Please take time to reflect on this past year and nominate potential recipients for each of the awards. Deadline for submissions is Friday, 12/13 at 5:00p.

Note: Submitting nominations for all eleven awards is not required.
Resident Leader
An Ohio City resident that has demonstrated leadership and has made meaningful contributions to the community. Recent Winners: Isaac Robb (2018), Julia Sieck (2017), Mark Raymond (2016).
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Hospitality Leader Award
A resident, neighborhood employee, or stakeholder who helps to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all who live in and visit Ohio City. Recent Winners: St. Johns Episcopal Church (2018), Angela Guinther (2017), Crissy King (2016).
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Near West Recreation Coach of the Year
This is a new award for 2019 - this will be awarded to an individual who served as an outstanding Near West Recreation league coach in the 2019 season.
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Community Safety Award
An Ohio City resident or stakeholder who has made a significant contribution to the overall safety of the community. Recent Winners: Sgt. Timonthy Maffo-Judd (2018)
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Community Service Award
An individual, group, or organization operating in Ohio City that contributes to a stronger community through community service. Recent Winners: The Metanoia Project (2018), Near West Family Network (2017), Arrupe Neighborhood Partnership (2016).
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Outstanding Small Business Award
An Ohio City business that goes above and beyond to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. Recent Winners: The Flying Fig (2018), Mason's Creamery (2017), La Borincana (2016).
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Historic Preservation
A project that has excellently preserved a residential or commercial property in the Ohio City neighborhood. The project must be completed in 2019 to qualify for this year's awards. Recent Winners: 4019 Bridge Ave (2018), 2901 Clinton Ave (2017), 3806 Clinton Ave (2016).
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New Construction Award
An excellent residential or commercial new construction project in the Ohio City neighborhood. The project must be completed in 2018 to qualify for this year's awards. Recent Winners: West 25th & Detroit (2018), 2927 Jay Ave (2015), Mariner's Watch (2014).
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Arts & Culture Award
A project, program, event, or initiative that promotes the celebration of culture and the arts in Ohio City. Recent Winners: Nikki Delamotte (2018), Ohio City LGBTQ+ Initiative (2016), Creative Fusion Mural Program (2016).
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Presidential Award
An individual or group that has played an integral role in the progress of our community. Must be located in Ohio City or closely affiliated with Ohio City projects or programs. Recent Winners: Tom Gill - Urban Community School (2018), Jeffery Patterson - CMHA (2017), Dr. Donald Malone - Lutheran Hospital (2016).
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Fr. Mark Dinardo Legacy Award
An individual or group that has long served and created a lasting impact in the Ohio City community. Recent Winners: May Dugan Center (2018), Charles Fridrich (2017), Miss Kathleen Williams (2016).
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