In order for your child to keep his / her device home for the summer (iPads for grades 4-8 and Chromebooks for grades 9-11,) please complete the following:

1. Complete and submit this BBE Public Schools Student & Parent Handbook Agreement form after reviewing the iPad/Chromebook Policy & Usage Handbook. http://bit.ly/2VowF8d
2. Submit insurance payment online or in one of the school offices.
3. Continue talking about digital citizenship.
4. Bring the device back the first day of school, charged and ready to go!

If you choose not to keep the device home for summer, please drop the device off at the Elementary or High School by Tuesday, June 2nd. Both school offices are open from 7am-4pm Monday - Friday. This will be contact-less, but you do need to speak to a staff member.

This year's 8th grade students will be changing from an iPad to a Chromebook. Once forms are completed, insurance payment is made and, the iPad has been turned in, these Chromebooks will be available for pickup at Open House or within the first week of school.

If you are bringing your own device, please make sure to mark this on the form.


Patrick Walsh: 320-254-8211 Ext. 2130 (high school)
Rick Gossen: 320-346-2278 Ext. 1219 (elementary)

All forms are online. Payments can also be made online, or by cash or check in either school office. You will find the 1:1 Handbook Agreement Form and the 1:1 Device Insurance Button on our website at www.bbejaguars.org.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Janelle Field: Technology Specialist
Holli Bromenshenkel: Mobile Networking Specialist/ Computer Technician
Cody Lenarz: Mobile Networking Specialist/ Computer Technician


Thank you!
My child and I have read and understand the handbook associated with BBE Public Schools. *
Link to BBE Handbook: http://bit.ly/2VowF8d
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My child and I have read and understand the information contained in the BBE Public School Chromebook/ iPad Policy and Usage Handbook. We understand student technology access is a privilege and will be available through a license that will be issued yearly to students who read the policy, agree to the conditions and sign the contract. Failure on our part to return this signed form will result in denial of Full Access technology. *
I understand that by participating in Google Apps for Education, my child will have the ability to store and collect his/ her classroom information electronically. I understand that I may ask for my child's account to be removed at any time. Yes, confirms my consent to allow my student's classroom information to be stored in Google. I give permission for my child to be assigned a full BBE School District Google Apps for Education Account. This means my child may receive an email account, access to Google Docs, Calendar, Sites, etc. *
Photo/Video Release-Public Posting of Photographs/Videos: The BBE Public School District may publish videos/pictures of the students in various school activities OR student work on the school’s webpage or other social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube). Doing this would make the videos, pictures, and/or student work accessible to anyone on the Internet. First names will be used. If you plan to opt out of this release, you will need to contact the building administrator. *
Select Payment Options: *
Please select a Chromebook/ iPad Insurance Protection Option - Families have an option for how they would like to provide protection against accidental breakage, loss, or theft. The various options are outlined in the 2020-2021 Chromebook/ iPad Handbook. Online Payments can be made on our website. www.bbejaguars.org *
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