Drive: Ninja White Belt Quiz
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Google Drive in one of the main Google Apps and can be accessed from the top menu of any Google App. *
Which of the following 5 file types make up Google Drive? *
Choose all that apply
When you receive an e-mail attachment that is compatible with Google Drive you will see an option in your e-mail to *
Which of the following document formats CANNOT be imported and converted in Google Drive *
You can export documents from Google Drive in all of the following formats except *
When uploading a Microsoft Word document to Google Drive you are given the option to keep it in Word format (.doc, .docx) or to convert it to Google Docs format for editing. *
If you share a document with someone and give them edit rights you need to make sure that you are both not editing the document at the same time. *
Match the share setting description with the level of permission it allows *
Can View
Can Edit
Public on Web
Private only to the owner of the document. No one else can see, edit or view.
Gives you a URL to share your Google Doc on the web to the world.
Allows you to share a document with another person but they can only view the document not edit it.
Allows you to share a document with another person and they can make changes to the document.
You can put a bunch of documents into a folder and then share the folder with others at your school giving them access to all the documents in that folder. *
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