DIGITAL Round Three Judging
This form is for judging digital prototypes only. If you are judging a physical prototype, please use the physical form which can be found here:

Your email address is not shared with the entrants. It is only used to track who has judged each game and send your form receipt and contest communications. Please use the email address you signed up to judge with.
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Game Elegance Score 1-11
Based on your entire play experience, you will judge the game's elegance on a scale from 1 to 11.
Individual scores will be associated with your feedback and contact info.

When judging, you should not compare the game directly to other games in the contest. Use the list below to get an idea of what scores mean.

Score Meaning
1: The game can’t be played to completion due to a design flaw.
3: The game can be finished, but it is a struggle. Players are often confused.
5: Players usually know what to do, but the game doesn’t feel entirely cohesive.
7: The game plays well with little to no confusion. Theme and layout help enforce rules of play.
9: Playing the game is effortless. Players always know how to do what they want. The game feels cohesive.
11: All aspects of the game work in perfect harmony.
Game Elegance *
See score descriptions above.
Written Feedback
Be constructive but kind.
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You can choose to remain anonymous. Or write your name in the "other" field. This will be shared with the entrant. If you would be open to them contacting you for further discussion about your feedback, include your preferred contact info.
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Please provide at least 250 characters of constructive feedback. If you are writing a lot of feedback, it is recommended you use a dedicated application to write it in. Then copy it to this form, to prevent any loss of feedback.
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