Challenge Course Inquiry Form
Thank you for your interest in the Challenge Course, please fill out this form for a Challenge Course experience out at Lakewood or on campus at WWU. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
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What date are you wanting to come out to the course? (please keep in mind that the Challenge Course will only be open Friday-Monday starting April 2020-November 2020)
What is the contacts name?
What is the phone number that you wish to be reached at? (email is used as the main source of contact)
What program would you like your group to participate in?
Approximately how many participants will be in your group?
What are your groups goals for their time on the course (i.e. communication, trust...)?
Can you tell me more about your group (campus club, wwu class, corporation in Bellingham...)?
Have you been out to the Challenge Course before?
What is your billing address? You will not be billed until after the program (if your a WWU group please put down your mailstop and budget code)
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