IMI Certified Mediator Training Program—Application
The IMI Certified Mediator Training Programme certification is a quality assurance standard that mediator training programmes are developed to a minimally accepted international standard, which was developed by the IMI Training and Competency Assessment standards taskforce.

In determining whether a training programme is eligible for certification, it is not necessary that all requirements set out below are completely met. However it is necessary that overall, there are a majority of the guidelines that are complied with.

In completing the application from, please read the accompanying guidelines notes which more fully explain each requirement.

Section A covers the necessary criteria and standards that need to be in place for a training programme to be considered of an acceptable standard. Section B covers the criteria and acceptable standards for Trainers, Coaches and Assessors, who will work with participants on a mediator skills training programme.

This form is used to collect information about potential new IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs. You will have the option to send a link to yourself to finish completing this form later, so please ensure you insert the correct email address below.

All information on this first page must be completed before you can move on in the application. Please see our website at for information and guidance.

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