Navesink Elementary School Principal Search- Community Survey
Middletown Township School District
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Please share your vision for Navesink Elementary School.
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What are the best qualities of Navesink Elementary School and how can the new principal positively support or enhance these qualities?
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In what ways can Navesink Elementary School better meet the needs of the students, staff, and community at-large?
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Please review the qualities of a leader below. Then rank each quality (Rows 1 through 8) in order of importance. *
With “1” being the most important and “8” being the least important.
* Instructional Leadership: Effectively collaborates with staff, students, and parents to develop a clear and focused vision for academic and social-emotional success.
* Maintains a Positive School Culture: Creates a school climate that is warm, safe, and inviting to students, staff, and parents.
* Promotes High Expectations: Creates and maintains high expectations among staff, students, and parents.  
* Communication: Keeps all stakeholders informed about school and district educational initiatives and expectations. 
* Interpersonal Skills: Creates and maintains positive working relationships with students, staff, and parents.
* Exercises Collaborative Leadership: Decisive leader who makes well-informed, educational decisions that are in the best interests of students.
* Experience: Demonstrated successful experience as a school administrator.
* Knowledge of School Community: Possesses an understanding of the school community and the Middletown Township School District.
Please provide other relevant comments below that can better inform the search committee's efforts.
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