AirBadminton, AirShuttle, ... Are you ready?
Let's get ready for the next summer season, let's get ready for the new... AirBadminton!
But ... AirBadminton ... what is it?
Give us your opinion on the AirShuttle, the new shuttlecock developed by the international badminton federation
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What are your favorite color(s) for this shuttle? *
These AirBadminton shuttles will be sold in PVC tubes. But how many shuttles per tube do you want? *
With a mix of colors? *
What should be the (realistic) price of a AirShuttles tube? *
You can choose multiple prices per line
6 €
7.5 €
9 €
10.5 €
12 €
13.5 €
3 AirShuttles in the tube
6 AirShuttles in the tube
Do you plan to play AirBadminton this summer? (with the new AirShuttle)
No, I'm not interested
Yes, it is absolutely certain!
Do you have any questions ? Comments ?
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