Thank you for your interest in the developers meetings. Registration is now closed.

Please join us at IPFS Conference in Lisbon November 2018 instead. You can preregister here:


Application to attend IPFS Dev Meeting 2018

ATTENTION: If you are trying to pre-register for the public IPFS Conference in Lisbon November 2018, use the pre-registration form at

This application is for the IPFS Dev Meeting in Berlin 9-11 July 2018. The Summit is a working meeting with attendance limited to active contributors and very highly engaged adopters. WARNING: Participants will leave with more responsibilities than they had when they arrived.

If your application is accepted we will send you more information about registration. There is a space on this form where you can indicate whether you need financial assistance.

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If you are building software on IPFS or using IPFS in your work, make sure to enter all of your projects into the IPFS User Registry. That information will have a large impact on whether your application is accepted for the IPFS Summit. To add your projects to the registry, use the form at List the names of those projects here so we can match your application to the info in the registry.
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