BHS / Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame 2021 Scholarship Application
2021 Scholarship Guidelines
The Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame is proud to offer a scholarship opportunity for senior students at Burlingame High School who are interested in environmental and sustainability issues.

1. The applicant should have taken AP Environmental Science, and/or be planning to major in Environmental Science or a related field, and/or have volunteer experience with environmental groups or projects.
2. The applicant must be a senior at Burlingame HS planning on attending college.
3. The applicant should list any financial considerations he/she might have.
4. The due date is April 18, 2021.
5. Request that the BHS registrar or Mr. Dhyne send a copy of your most recent transcript to by April 18.
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Name of the college you are planning to attend, or up to 4 college acceptances you are still considering *
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Write a brief essay describing your coursework, interest, and/or volunteer experience in environmental studies and related fields. *
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