The goal of the Young & Future Farmers Incubator Program (YFFIP ) is to help grow young & future farmers from an unemployed young people who are concerned about food security and self-sustainability. The project will provide a more approachable entry into the world of agriculture by tackling the high-cost and high-risk nature of farming through the establishment of a collaborative farming model.
The YFFIP program will provides training, equipment, irrigation, land mentorship and market.
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Expectations and Requirements
*Minimum 1-year commitment.
*Willingness to be a good YFFIP community member. Open to feedback, collaboration, and communication with YFFIP staff and volunteers.
*Completion of YFFIP Application and Interview with YFFIP staff.

Responsibilities and Benefits
YFFIP participant is responsible for:
*Maintaining a tidy and clean land (free of weeds, pests, un-used equipment, etc)
*Collectively maintaining the farm, equipment, buildings and tools.
*Maintaining irrigation and/or drip tape and header.
*Leaving your plot as you found it when you complete the program (Cover cropping, weed seed reduction)
*Donating minimum 4 hours/week of general farm work to YFFIP farm. Schedule and task determined by YFFIP staff.
Signing and agreeing to the program contract.

Other details to note:
YFFIP reserve the right to change our policies and paper work on an annual basis.

Program Cost: YFFIP does not charge a fee for participation in the program. Financial assistance

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