Consulting Math Reimbursement Form
In order to ask for a reimbursement, you will need to complete this questionnaire. We require AT LEAST 2 reasons why you were not satisfied, with the relative supporting evidence which you can provide by simply filling the questionnaire. You do not have to answer all the sections, only those relative to the areas you were not satisfied with.
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Why would you like a reimbursement? ( choose at least 2) *
If the difficulty level was not adequate, could you provide at least 10 examples of questions that were too hard or too easy , suggesting how they could be changed to a reasonable difficulty level ( no plain numbers)?
If you found serious mistakes, could you provide at least 5 examples of wrong solutions together with the correct solution?
If questions did not help test relevant skills, could you provide at least 10 examples of questions that did not help practise relevant skills?
If solutions were not detailed enough, could you provide at least 8 examples of such solutions and show how you would expand them to make them exhaustive enough?
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