2020 Wee Bolts Cheer Head Coach Application
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What team/grade/color are you applying for as head coach during the 2020 season?
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Are you willing to commit the necessary time to lead not only on the field, but off of it as well? Please note that you will be responsible for the conduct of your assistant coaches, cheerleaders, and parents of your team if you are selected as the head coach.
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Are you willing to complete the necessary training to become a Wee Bolts Head Coach, which will consist of any training the Wee Bolts deem necessary?
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Interviews will be scheduled after all forms are submitted (due March 31, 2020) at a TBD location. If additional information is needed, we will be in touch prior to that. You will be contacted to confirm your scheduled interview time. If you have questions prior to this, please email cheerdirector@weebolts.com.
Understanding Information *
I, the undersigned, acknowledge the information provided on this application form to the Northmont Wee Bolts Football and Cheer Organization (Wee Bolts) is complete and accurate. I also understand the responsibilities set forth as being a Head Coach of a Wee Bolts cheer squad, and acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the terms and rules set forth in the Wee Bolts bylaws, Gem City Youth Conference (GCYC) bylaws, and associated GCYC Code of Ethics document. I understand that I will also be required to assist and support the Wee Bolts in a positive manner as an organization member. I understand that the submission of this application is a request for a Wee Bolts Cheer Head Coach position, is subject to review by the Wee Bolts Board, and does not guarantee acceptance for a Head Coach position. Additionally, I understand the Wee Bolts Board will require an interview prior to granting a Head Coach position and is a yearly position only. Furthermore, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the Northmont Wee Bolts Football and Cheer Organization, its board members, agents, and assignees from any liability, claims, actions, demands and judgments arising out of injury or loss sustained by myself in connection with Wee Bolts activities or facilities.
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