Bearbones Site Survey
NOTE: ALL REPLIES WILL BE SEEN BY ALL MEMBERS OF STAFF. While you are free to give constructive criticism of the site or our handling of any particular issue, bear in mind there are humans on the other side of the screen. In addition, it it suggested you read the entire form before filling it out as some earlier questions may be broad, then followed by much more specific questions.
This survey can be anonymous, but if you would like to identify yourself feel free to. If not, skip this question.
What sort of history with the site do you have? *
If you have left the site, what was the turning point in your decision to leave?
What are some things you like about Bearbones? Are they perfect, or can they be improved to be even better? Is there something that isn't great now, but could be? How so? *
What are some things you dislike about Bearbones? Would it need to be scrapped entirely, or could it be salvaged? How so? *
What are your thoughts on the groups in TNW (FL, BL, etc)? Do you want to see more or less? Different ones entirely? More work and focus put on them?
Do you have any opinions about Bearbones' other roleplay section, and how that could be improved?
What do you think of Bearbones' general ooc community? *
Have you had experience with cliques on bearbones, and if so, what was your experience? *
Do you think that the site and groups having servers is a good thing? *
Are you for or against the groups and site having discords? *
Should the handling of discord servers be changed? If so, how?
Would you like to see staff-run OOC events? (Some considerations are game and movie nights) *
Are there any specific events you would be interested in seeing?
Would you like to see staff-run IC events? *
Are there any specific events you would be interested in seeing?
What are some ways you want to see staffers engaging with members? *
Are there other ways that the staffers can improve?
Is there anything else you'd like to see happen on the site?
Any other final thoughts?
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