UNC Department of Music - Room Request Form

This form is for requesting room reservations in Hill Hall, Person Hall, and Kenan Music Building. Before completing this form, please note:

1) A complete version of the Department of Music's room calendar is viewable online at music.unc.edu/facilities. Before submitting a room request, please check there to assure your requested room(s) are available.

2) Room requests must be submitted by the start time of the request on the preceding business day (e.g. a request for 11am Monday should be submitted by 11 am Friday). Requests submitted inside that window will not be scheduled.

3) Please direct all Moeser Auditorium reservations to Jason Richmond, Hall Manager. Please do not use this form to request Moeser Auditorium. Email: jrichmond@unc.edu with request.

4) Inquiries re: room reservations that are beyond the scope of this form should be directed to uncmusicoffice+schedule@gmail.com.