Inspireality Palace - Volunteer Questionnaire
Inspireality Palace is an art installation for Black Rock City 2014 by Gloria Lamb & Perry Freeze along with Super Friends Synaesthesia & LA Fire Brigade.

If you have found this page, you're probably interested in being a part of this amazing project. Hooray! Now tell us a little about you!
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Playa name (if any)
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PRE-PLAYA volunteers *
Which of the following skills are you willing to contribute LOCALLY (in the greater Los Angeles area) that can help bring the awesomeness to the playa?
Which of the above is your primary interest? *
What is the skill level of your primary interest?
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ON-PLAYA volunteers *
Which of the following skills are you willing to contribute ON PLAYA? Please note that on-playa building will require early arrival the week before the burn and tear-down will require staying after the burn. Please sign up even if you are unsure of your schedule but interested in helping.
Do you have any tools that can be used for the build?
This applies to anything related to construction, welding, sewing etc.
Are you interested in coordinating?
We are in need of a couple coordinators: Donated material coordinator & craft services coordinator. Donated materials coordinator would be in charge of locating used materials needed to make this palace a reality. You would source materials yourself and direct other volunteers to do so- through craigslist, facebook or any other leads. Craft services would be in charge of gathering and preparing food & drinks for builds, with the help of other volunteers. These positions require a larger commitment to the team. Do any of these positions sound like you? What ideas do you have for making these tasks happen?
Runner / Driver
Are you interested in picking up materials while at our builds or helping collect donated materials? Do you have a truck that can help transport larger materials, before, during and after our builds? Is distance an issue?
Availability *
Are you available weekdays and/or weekends? Are you interested in weekend long build "retreats?" Check all that apply.
Some of the build will be in Sherman Oaks, but larger builds and retreats will be near Devil's Punchbowl. Are you willing to travel to a location about 1.5-2 hours outside of LA to help?
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MORE volunteers!
Do you have any friends or contacts that would also like to be a part of the volunteer crew? If so, please you can send them a link to this questionnaire and have them fill it out. Alternately, provide their contact info (given they are ok with disclosing it).
Anything else?
is there anything we didn't ask that you'd like us to know?
How did you hear about the project?
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