Club Neko Host & Escort Application
Thank you for having interest in Club Neko!
Club Neko is a place people can come to relax, laugh and have pleasure.
Our Hosts & Escorts provide the best experience to our guests. We are not like the other clubs.
Here, our Hosts & Escorts are able to freely move around and are not glued to dancing on a stage. They are able to talk about whatever they wish, and let their personalities shine.

Making friends with our guests is extremely important here at Club Neko. However, Club Neko is still a business and we expect our workers to work. If you view this place as simply just a place you'd like to come to, to hang out, meme around, and not actually make any money for, please do not apply.

If you are interested in working with us, making money for yourself and for the club because you care about it, love the people, and atmosphere, then please do continue through apply!
Understanding Club Neko Duties
Working at Club Neko requires you to be flirty, strip, provide cuddles and if escorting; offer sexual favors to clients.
A manager will provide training and go through orientation to get you on the right track especially if you're unfamiliar with the process.

We expect our staff:
☆ To be proactive, interesting, entertaining and sexy at all times during their shifts.
☆ To be around at least 5 hours a week.
☆ To maintain a high quality avatar.
☆ To have good communication skills between colleagues & management.
☆ To be friendly and open minded to ALL guests and staff.
☆ To follow all rules, guidelines, and policy of Club Neko.
☆ To love Club Neko like a home.

Going through to completion of this form implies that you fully understand the duties and are prepared to reach the performance expectations.
Do you understand the expectations above? *
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