YES Membership Application 2020-2021
Welcome to Youth Entrepreneur Society! YES provides high schoolers with the resources, knowledge, opportunities, and tools to become the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow! YES will work through workshops, company visits, speaker series, personal interviews, event hosting, etiquette training, business plan, and pitch formulations, and internship and shadow visits to help participants grow in leadership, communication, business acumen, and professionalism, to enhance their future career in their chosen profession. **To be a 2020-21 member of YES, you must register regardless of your participation in the past!
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Please list any school, volunteer, religious, social, athletic, or other activities or organizations in which you have participated during the past two years. Include any leadership roles in those organizations. *
The beginning of our second year!
Fundraising auction at the Xie's!
Meeting with Coregami Founder Kevin Yu!
Reliance Jio business tour!
Mary Kay HQ tour!
Members collaborating in their business groups at Morgan Stanley!
Holiday party at the ice rink!
Meeting with Texas House of Representatives Matt Shaheen!
Our first virtual meeting!
Say Yes! We are looking forward to meeting you soon! *
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