Lucia Mar Elementary Band Registration 2020
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School Band - Students will learn how to play the following instruments:
[Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Percussion. Others may be considered with Mr. Kirby's permission]

Class meets after the regular school day on ZOOM and according to the following schedule below:
Mondays 2:30pm - 3:15 - Saxophones
Tuesdays 2:30pm - 3:15 - Flutes
Wednesdays 2:30pm - 3:15 - Trumpets
Thursdays 2:30pm - 3:15 - Clarinets
Fridays 9:30am - 10:00 - All Branch 6th Grade Band
Fridays 10:00am - 10:45 - Strings (May be divided into 2 sessions depending on interest)
Fridays 11:00am - 11:45 - Trombone/Baritone
Fridays 1:00pm - 1:45 - Percussion

Students MUST obtain one the instruments above through renting, buying or already owned. Instruments are available to borrow from the school district based on a demonstration of financial need.
Percussion instruments ARE NOT available to borrow from the school. Students MUST be able to obtain a percussion kit consisting of a drum pad and bell set and will learn how to play both.

String Orchestra Class - Students will learn how to play either the Violin, and Cello.
Class meets EVERY FRIDAY MORNINGS from 10:00 - 10:45am. Depending on interest in type of instruments requested, Mr. Kirby may divide the class into sections.
Students MUST be able to rent, buy or already own a string instrument. Instruments are available to borrow from the school district based on a demonstration of financial need.

It is possible to participate in both Band and String Programs.
I'm interested in participating in the *
If interested in both programs please mark both and indicate both instruments in the instrument section below.
Instrument I am interested in learning. *
Mark all that apply. You may choose multiple instruments if interested. No need to make a final decision yet. However the instrument that you rent or buy will obviously be the instrument you will choose. Other instruments such as Oboe, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn and Tuba are possible with Mr. Kirby's permission. Please write those in the "Other" option and Mr. Kirby will contact you
I am able to Rent or Buy the instrument *
If YES then you will SKIP all of the questions regarding borrowing a school instrument
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