Surrender Questionnaire
We understand that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, and the need to give up a beloved family member arises.  In order for us to take the best care of your doberman, we need to match them to the right foster or adopter.  To do so, we ask that you complete this questionnaire so we have a good understanding of your Doberman’s needs.  If you have any questions, please email us at
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Email *
Doberman Information
Basic information about your Doberman.
Dog name *
Age/Birthday *
Length Owned *
Is there anything that could be done to allow you to be able to keep your Doberman? *
Physical Appearance
As a Doberman-specific rescue, we can only take in full-blooded Dobermans.  This information helps us validate that the dog you are asking to surrender is 100% Doberman.
Sex *
Cropped *
Docked *
Color *
Vet/Health information
If the dog has not been vetted, that does not keep us form taking him into rescue, but we like to know of any vetting they may need upfront so we can properly prepare.  We also want to avoid vaccinating a dog a second time if at all possible.
What is your Doberman's vet clinic?
Clinic Phone Number
Can you provide vet records? *
Is this Doberman Spayed/neutered? *
Date of spay/neuter
Is this Doberman Microchipped? *
Chip Make
Chip Number
Rabies *
Tag #
Other vaccinations received *
Date received
Heartworm negative? *
On Heartworm preventative? *
Date of last HW pill
Breeder Information
If your dog came from a breeder, please provide us some details so we can better understand it's background and situation.
Is this Doberman from a Breeder? *
Breeder Name
Breeder City
Is this Doberman AKC Registered?
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AKC Number
Does the contract from the breeder require the dog be returned to them?
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The more we know about your Doberman, the faster we can see if we have a foster that he may be a good fit for.  For the safety of all of our dogs, we try and make the best match possible.  For example, if a dog is not good with children, we will not place him in a home with children as that would be dangerous.  Please make sure you are completely honest.  None of these questions will keep us form taking a dog into rescue.
Gets along with *
Does your dog live indoors or outdoors? *
Crate trained? *
Potty trained? *
Obedience trained? *
What commands does this Doberman know?
Why is this Doberman being surrendered? *
Please describe this Doberman's personality (dominant, submissive, playful, cuddly, etc.) *
Has this Doberman ever shown any aggression? *
Has this Doberman ever bitten anyone? *
Does this Doberman have any special needs or medical conditions? *
Does this Doberman have any behavioral issues such as barking, biting or destruction? *
Is this Doberman afraid of anything such as loud noises (thunder, fireworks), objects or people? *
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please elaborate
Is there anything else we should know about your Doberman? *
Owner Information
Once we review the information you have provided, we will contact you to discuss further.
First and last name *
Phone number *
Current Situation
In order for us to know if we have any space for your Doberman, we need to know where it is and your timeline for surrendering.
GDR does not have a shelter and instead uses foster homes. In the case that we do not have an available foster, are you able to foster your dog for any length of time while we look for a foster or adopter? *
Where is the dog currently? (city, state) *
How long can you keep the dog? *
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