Sardis Music Clothing Order Form
Due by October 18 to place our first order. All clothing will have the Sardis Music logo on it (below). There is no need to send money as I will forward the order to the office to add to student fees and you'll be billed. Delivery of clothing is estimated to be mid-November or sooner. If you would like to have this as a Christmas gift, please indicate this on the form and I will contact you once it arrives for pickup.
Sardis Music Logo
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What is the student First Name *
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I understand that any clothing ordered will be added to student fees in the school office - after items arrive. *
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Sardis Music Hoodie - $40 (also choose colour on next question)
Name on hoodie. (Please check spelling)
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Sweatshirt Colour
Sardis Music T-Shirt (Black) - $15
Sardis Drumline T-Shirt (Black) - $15
Sardis Drumline Hoodie(Black) - $40
Name on drumlinehoodie. (Please check spelling)
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Sardis Music Sweatpants with pockets (Black) - $40
Sardis Music Baseball Hat (Black with embroidered FALCON image) - $25
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