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Join us in our HELP & LEARN campaign, an online webinar series that pledges to support causes to help communities in the midst of COVID-19 while you and your teams LEARN and GROW together.

Recruitment, Job Hunting, Management and Leadership Topics will be covered in the series.
Proceeds of the webinar will go to Doctors to the Barrios COVID-19 response efforts in rural Philippines and the Barangay Titong Residents in Masbate Province to help/feed those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the past couple of weeks, businesses have had to make some tough decisions. COVID-19 has been causing worry, confusion, and radically changing the way that we work.


A. Managing Employees from a Distance on April 24, 2020
B. Recruitment and Job Hunting During and After COVID-19 on  May 19, 2020
C. Mental Health and Employee Well-Being During and After COVID-19 on  May 26, 2020


Individual Learners: For every $5 you can have access to ALL our webinars from April 1st to June 1st 2020.
Corporate Donors: If your company/organization would like to support the cause, please specify below.

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Our Roster of Experts and Speakers from Digital HR Series
Recruitment and Jobhunting During and After COVID-19  on May 19th
COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge for governments, businesses, and individuals across the globe. Increasingly, businesses are looking for innovative ways in which to change the way we work to adapt to this situation. As a form of service to the business community, UpUp App Technologies and PRAXIS Associates PH Co. have teamed up to launch the webinar series “HELP and LEARN”. This webinar series intends to gather HR leaders, business leaders, and business owners in a two-hour interactive session to discuss evolving roles of HR in a remote setup, as well as the best practices of organizations to ensure that their employees’ needs are well taken care of in the midst of this pandemic.

The implications of COVID-19 continue to impact all fronts of work and business. Recruitment is one of the most heavily affected areas of organizations and HR managers are scrambling to adjust their recruitment strategies. In addition, a survey by Yello has revealed that one-quarter of Gen Z job seekers prefer to communicate digitally, suggesting that we need to change the way we look at recruitment to adapt to an evolving workforce. In partnership with Le & Associates, a market leader in HR and outsourcing, our 3rd webinar will focus on Recruitment and Job Hunting during and following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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WEBINAR #2: Recruitment and Jobhunting During and After COVID-19
WEBINAR #2: Recruitment and Jobhunting During and After COVID-19
WorkFromHome Tips
 WorkFromHome  Metrics
Our past webinar speaker: Mr. Quentin Bernard: rethinking organization and work culture
Our past webinar speaker: Ms. Samantha Javier: Managing Partner of Praxis Associates
Adapting to Online Collaborative Tools for Teams
Our past webinar speaker: Mr. Jamie Duncan: Head of Learning & Development for UpUp Technologies
Join us in our HELP & LEARN campaign, an online webinar series that pledges to support causes to help communities in the midst of COVID-19 while you and your teams LEARN and GROW together.
About the Organizers
UpUp Technologies is a Vietnam-based technology company that creates meaningful engagements with professionals across Southeast Asia through events, online communities and technological breakthroughs like UpUp App.

UpUp App is an interactive project management and HR service that rewards employees for completing tasks and hitting KPIs. This gives the management team full visibility on productivity, allowing more time to focus on the business. When KPI’s or targets aren’t hit, the software will alert the management team and suggest creative ways to help the individual achieve those goals. High achievers will be incentivized through a well curated list of rewards based on personal preferences and driven by strong partnerships within food, retail or entertainment promotions. Learn more about UpUp App at

PRAXIS Associates PH Co., a trusted partner in the empowerment of organizations in Asia and the Pacific, was founded on the same idea that organizations must keep abreast with the changing times while developing their most important resource—their employees and partners.

They have worked together with organizations and companies from very diverse backgrounds and compositions. Since 2014, they have kept the promise that they will remain as their clients’ partners in hitting their short- to long-term goals for organizational development. While the solutions that may be offered come from a very wide spectrum of interventions, PRAXIS assists them in three main service groups: 1) Technical Consultancy; 2) Integrated Digital Marketing Communications; and 3) Technology Solutions. Learn more about PRAXIS at

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