Fellowship Survey for the Group
This form can be filled out at a group business meeting, by your GSR, or by an individual member who can carry the voice of your group to our Fellowship Development team and the Contra Costa ASC
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Group Name
Is there a member of the group willing to provide their contact information in order for us to follow up and provide further support if needed? If so please provide this information below
How is the health of your group coming out of the pandemic?
Needs support
Doing great!
Clear selection
Does your group plan to keep an online presence or do you plan to only meet in person?
Clear selection
Has your group discussed the pros and cons of having an online presence?
Do you plan to support hybrid meetings?
Clear selection
Does your group need support for your online/hybrid meeting?
Other supporting functions
Technical guidance, including moderator assistance
Revised Group Guidelines
Zoom meeting identification
Financial Assistance
Will hybrid-meetings be temporary or long term for your group?
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Do a majority of your members attend in person or online?
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What are the challenges of your group supporting hybrid or online meetings?
Does your group need any of the following in support for your meeting?
Does your group have trusted servants who are capable of maintaining a hybrid meeting long term?
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Does your group feel connected to your area?
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Is the group receiving the information it needs from Area, Region and World Services in order to operate effectively in carrying the NA message of recovery?
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Have members stopped attending due to accessibility (gas prices, mobility, health concerns or other?)
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Have members started attending due to accessibility?
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How is the spirit of rotation of trusted servants?
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Is the group fully self-supporting through member contributions?
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Do you have any additional comments or suggestions to add?
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