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Welcome! The intention of the Sustainability Volunteer Group is to build community while supporting the City of Mountain View's Sustainability programs. This group has the potential to assist the Sustainability team with important work such as outreach and the dissemination of information, event planning and execution, providing input on various sustainability topics, and more.
There is no minimum time requirement for joining this informal group, so even if you have just a few minutes a month we’d welcome your involvement and are happy to provide a way for you to meet other passionate community members. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out this short form. You will be contacted in the future for volunteer opportunities that best align with your interests and skills. Thank you!
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Carbon Neutrality
Climate Change Adaptation/Community Resilience
Climate Change Mitigation
Community Engagement
Electric Vehicles
Energy Efficiency
Environmental Justice
Food Systems and/or Plant-Based Eating
Gardening and/or Farming
Green Business
Public Transportation
Renewable/Clean Energy
Urban Canopy/Trees
Walking & Biking (e-bikes included)
Waste (recycling, compost, circular economies)
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