Industry Survey - Wash Against Waste
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Wash Against Waste - Industry Survey
What best describes your business setup.
Your typical packaging use (quantities per month in peak season) *
Coffee cups
Milkshake cups
Paper bags (for food)
Paper carry bag
Plastic carry bags
Clear plastic clamshell
Styrofoam clamshell
Cardboard clamshell
Plastic bottled drinks
Glass bottle drinks
Aluminium cans
If your main single use packaging is not represented above, what is it and how much do you use a month?
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How much do you typically spend on packaging for a single 24 hour event?
How much do you typically spend on packaging per year?
Your spend on disposable items each year? *
Staying constant
Growing Aggressively
Have you ever increased your spend on packaging for waste related reasons? *
Have you ever increased your spend on packaging for marketing purposes? *
How many times has you company/organisation catered at a Wash Against Waste in the past? *
Have you previously attended a Wash Against Waste event as a member of the public? *
If you have been to a Wash Against Waste event, what was your impression? *
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When was the last time you reviewed your single use packaging solution? *
Can you sell anything without a packet or wrapper? *
Do you modify your packaging solution if the customer is eating in vs taking away? *
Would you offer a discount to people who bring their own cup, crockery or cutlery? *
Would you offer a discount to events booking your service who use a Wash Against Waste system? *
What should we do with culinary packaging waste in Australia? *
Whose is responsible for addressing culinary waste at an event?
What do you think is the most suitable material for Wash Against Waste to use?
What do you think is the most suitable coffee cup for Wash Against Waste to use?
What plate size is the most suitable for Wash Against Waste to use?
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What is your experience of deposit schemes for reusable cups and or cutlery?
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Your answer
Please share any previous experience with reusable packaging?
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Would you like to support WAW in our efforts to curb event related waste?
Would you like to be on our mailing list?
We all agree that 'less is more' in the email department, however it would be nice to keep in touch
Can you suggest anyone to add to our survey list?
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Thank you for showing interest in Wash Against Waste
We see the opportunity to reduce financial costs, improve site logistics and create a fun place for strangers to become friends as the main advantages of getting Wash Against Waste to be included as a staple on the events circuit. With some luck and a lot of determination this initiative may well find its way into the mainstream making a big difference, so your contribution is appreciated.

We currently have one trailer for hire in Melbourne. If you know people who book events please get them to contact us below.

Thanks for your yummy food and willingness to participate.

Wash on!

Andrew Rance
Text or Call (8am - 8pm)
0400 229 184

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