Companion Application
The first step in adopting/fostering a companion is to complete this application. The application provides important information to make sure the pet you are applying for is the right fit for your lifestyle. Please provide detailed information. Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption/fostering. We do not adopt out of state. You must be 21 years or older to apply.

If you are interested in fostering, we are accepting applicants living in Oakland and Macomb counties at this time.
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Applicant Full Name and Date of Birth: *
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How long have you lived at current address? *
Are you planning on moving? *
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If you rent, landlord's name or complex name:
If you rent, landlord’s telephone number:
Type of dwelling? *
What is your current occupation? *
What is your spouse’s current occupation? *
Provide full names and birthdates of all adults in the home: *
How many children live full/part-time in the home and ages? *
Current / Prior Pets
For each current pet provide: name, species, breed, sex, age, spayed/neutered, and whether they are current on vaccines, are on heartworm preventative and how long they have been with you: *
If you have a cat, does it go outside? *
Have your current pets been exposed to other animals? Please explain: *
Have you ever had to give a pet up? If so, please explain: *
If not listed above, other pets you have had in the past 5 years and where are they now: *
Are all members of the household in agreement with adopting/fostering? *
Does anyone have allergies to pets? *
Where will this pet live (inside, outside or both)? Please explain: *
Where will this pet stay when you are not home? *
Where will this pet sleep? *
How many hours would pet be alone on an average day? *
What is the reason for adopting a pet? *
Veterinarian / Medical
Provide name, address and telephone number of current veterinarian. Provide full name the records are under. (Vet information will be verified): *
Are you willing to provide regular / emergency vet care? *
What do you consider regular vet care? *
How do you feel about annual vaccines? *
How do you feel about spay/neutering? *
Applying for Dog
Do you plan on taking your new dog to obedience training?
How will you exercise your pet?
How will you handle potty training?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
If yes, what type of fence and how high?
If no, what arrangements will you have for the dog's exercise and toilet duties?
Applying for Cat
How do you feel about declawing?
How would you handle undesirable scratching?
What would you do if the cat starts urinating outside the litter box?
Will your new cat be allowed outside?
Have you Considered?
What will you do with your pet when you travel? *
What will you do with your pet if you have to move? *
How will you handle undesirable behavior (i.e., chewing, accidents in the house, scratching on furniture, jumping, etc…)? *
Habits you cannot tolerate? *
What are your concerns about adopting? *
For what reason(s) would you consider returning your new pet? *
Are you aware welcoming a new pet into your home may change your routine? *
Your new pet will need time to adjust to a new home. Are you willing to give your new pet at least 2 weeks time to adjust? *
May a volunteer visit your home to check on the pet? *
My submission of this application certifies that all the information is complete, true and accurate. False information will result in denial of your application or the pet’s return to the organization. In addition, you are authorizing AAF to contact your veterinarian and/or landlord.
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