Junior Firefighter Application (14 - 17)
Our Junior Firefighter Program is open to all those age 14-17. This application must be completed by the parent of the applying Junior Firefighter. Please answer all questions below and if you run across any questions you may contact the main office at 731.925.6178 or email jessica@hardincountyfire.com for information.
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Junior Firefighter Requirements: *

The requirements to be a junior firefighter are as follows:

1.    Junior firefighters should live in Hardin County. Applicants outside Hardin County will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2.    Junior firefighters must be at least 14 years old but not older than 18 years old.

3.    Juniors should be willing and able to attend at least 50% of scheduled meetings and required training. Special trainings are optional but highly encouraged.

4.    Junior firefighters are encouraged to be self-starters and have a willingness to learn. Juniors who regularly strive to learn more and be involved will be rewarded with increasing levels of opportunities.

5.    The fire department is proud of its members; junior members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing the fire department.

  1. Juniors must be active in school in order to remain part of this program.
  2. If the junior member begins to have a decrease in grades, gets placed in suspension, is sent to alternative school, or completely drops out of school we are to be notified immediately. We will take actions accordingly. This is to ensure that your child raises his or her grades to the desired level, or the junior may be terminated from the program.

The Junior Firefighters meet once every month. It will be the second Saturday of each month starting at 10AM until 12PM. SCHOOL COMES FIRST, ALWAYS!

  • Please put the applicants name and date below to verify that you/they have read this segment. 

Overview of Junior Firefighter SOGs *

  1. Junior members must always obtain full permission from the parent or legal guardian to participate in our programs.
  2. Junior members must be 14 years of age to join and can participate until 18 years of age.
  3. Junior members should maintain at least a “C” average in school coursework. If parents ask to limit participation in the program until the student’s grades reach a higher average, they must notify the office at 731.925.6178 for action to be taken.
  4. Junior members report directly to their instructor, district chief, fire chief, incident commander, or incident safety officer for all assignments and activities while on scene or at training.
  5. Junior members will receive classroom training in core areas of interest with classes focused on CPR, communications, general fire, rescue education, and fire safety and prevention.
  6. Junior members may participate in the following activities:
         · Parades or Special Events
         · Fundraising Events
         ·Training (with Junior FF, districts, and HCFD)
         · General Standby
         · Fire Safety / Prevention Education and Activities
         · Meetings (District and Jr. FF)
         · Non-Emergent assistance (carrying, laying, rolling hoses, provide back line assistance, provide water shuttle assistance, provide rehabilitation assistance, and also air bottle swap assistance.)
  7. Junior members should attend regular monthly meetings or events for youth program participants. These may include basic training coursework, a fixed activity such as one of those listed above, or other activity with the department.
  8. Junior members may only perform operations outside of the “hot zone” area on the fire-grounds (aka: active working fire, even in training.)
  9. Junior members may not operate any fire department vehicle.
  10. Junior members and their parent or guardian must sign a waiver that includes full disclosure of risks and releases the department from liability should someone become injured.

  • Please put the applicants name and date below to verify that you/they have read this segment. 
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