FE2019 Planning
Please take a moment or three to give us some help in planning things for Furnal Equinox. We want to know what to make the most of so you can get your tasty goodness and not be disappointed!

As a note, if you pre-order you're guaranteed to get your sauces at the con, and you even get a discount on your pre-order! Go to https://darkbunny.ca/discount/FE19po and skip the lineups!

Do you think you will be buying some sauce from Dark Bunny at Furnal Equinox?
Will you be putting in a Pre-Order? (window closes Feb 28!)
If you answered yes to the above, what sauces do you think you would most likely purchase? Please select all that apply.
Which sizes are you most likely to buy?
Will you be returning bottles?
Any special requests?
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