Whitefield Rising partnership with Dept of Horticulture
When citizens come together as a large collective, we make a significant difference to our world. This is why Dept of Horticulture reached out to request us to support the vegetable farmesr of Kolar. They are experiencing massive losses due to the wholesale markets being shut down. But we can buy directly from them! They already supply to HopComs but they are willing to come to our communities and neighborhoods. Please fill this out so we can organize ourselves to get fresh vegetables directly from the farmers.
Know more at www.whitefieldrising.org or write to hello@whitefieldrising.org
*NOTE: This form is designed to gather community representatives but if you are in individual and wants to collaborate, please write to above email id.
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Once you take consent of MC, please share common email id for Management Committee if any because MC members are not the same year on year. Ex: Yahoo groups id, Generic Gmail id etc. This email id will be used to send out important communcations to communities through MC.
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