Placement Questionnaire for School Year 2019-2020
Please compete this form for your child(ren) to assist us placing your child on an academic team. Please be as complete as possible.

Our goal is to build academic teams that are representative of the entire grade level.

Our plan is to make sure that each team is representative with males and females, achievement levels, special considerations, behavioral traits and personal interests. We will be asking each 6th & 7th grade teacher for input on placement, as well as the information provided here by parents.

If, for some reason, there are concerns about your child's actual placement after step-up day, I would ask that you not call immediately to seek a remedy. I can assure all, that beginning in August, we review all placements in view of new students arriving and students moving out of the district, to ensure our goal of representative teams. After the first week of August is when we would be able to talk about placement issues.

Once placement is done, our district Placement Protocol is that students cannot be moved unless one of these four conditions exist:

1. A previous negative experience between the student and the teacher;
2. A previous negative experience between a sibling and a teacher on the assigned team;
3. A neighbor or relative as a teacher on the team, that could make for an uncomfortable situation for either student or teacher, and;
4. An issue within the community that rises to the level of a civil proceeding, (e.g. restraining order, legal proceedings, etc.).

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