Coyote Brush Studios Project Proposal
Thanks for your interest in having us work with you on your project or custom illustration! We specialize in watercolor illustrations of California native plants and animals, but occasionally do pen and ink and graphic design work as well. For an accurate proposal, please provide as much information as you can below:
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Is this project for or on behalf of a non-profit? If so, which?
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Species you'd like to be featured. (For reference: an illustration of a single species can range from roughly $40-350 depending on scale and level of detail.)
Do you already have a vision of what you want the completed project to look like? If so, please describe below.
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I'm interested in using existing Coyote Brush Studios artwork in my project
 What specific pieces of mine inspired you to reach out? (please provide links if you can!)
Reference photos
For all of my illustrations I work from my own reference photos (or if needed, those taken by the client). I do not work from photos taken from the internet (unless granted permission by the photographer). I’m happy to take reference photo trips to complete certain projects, but that may not always be possible.
I understand, and I will provide images if needed, or funds to cover reference photo cost. *
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