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Each month we'll be calling on people to present a short Drupal related technical talk to the rest of the group. You don't have to be a Drupal guru to submit a talk! We're looking for a diverse mix of talks and this is a relaxed atmosphere where people who've never done a Drupal presentation before should feel at home. Your talk could be on anything from a neat solution you've discovered for a tricky problem to your latest favourite feature of Drupal.

We aim to have a few talks that last around 15 minutes each (with some extra time for questions and discussion). Take a look at past talks at http://www.drupalshowandtell.com/

Data collected in this form is solely for the purpose of Drupal Show and Tell talks. We will not use the information you submit or provide for any mailing lists or other non-Drupal Show and Tell related information and we won't keep your information longer than we need to.
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This is a great place and a small enough group to make this your first talk ever, but if you still feel it's beyond your comfort zone and you just want to share what you'd like to hear, let us know - ideas are also appreciated!
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