Vision Quest 2020 Master Mind Application
Hello Cosmic Creator,

We welcome you to this first phase of the journey. In the lines below, we invite you to share your heart, your intentions, and your vision.


And in turn, our team will tune the experience to your vision and desires, within the framework of the epic event we have planned.

Ready? Let's begin!
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1. What calls you the most about the Vision Quest 2020 Retreat?
2. What activities inspire you the most, in your life right now, that open up creative flow for you? (Meditation, yoga, martial arts, flow writing, breathwork, watching inspiring videos, reading books etc etc etc.)
3. What aspect or elements of the retreat do you feel the most inspired by/curious/excited about?
4. Give us the lowdown on your current business and creative flow. What are you currently offering and creating?
5. What's your vision for what you want to be creating next?
6. What would you LOVE to be creating in the next year?
7. What (if there's anything you haven't yet shared in the previous questions) is part of your ULTIMATE VISION for what you want to create in this lifetime? (Short n summarized is perfect. We'll go much deeper in the retreat.)
8. What are you currently struggling with or coming up against in your business, productivity and creativity? (This can be circumstantial as well as - most importantly - inner stuff, like though patterns, habits, limiting beliefs or less-than-optimal ways of operating.)
9. If there was 1-3 thing(s) that this retreat could give you, or help you transform, upgrade or discover – what would you LOVE for that to be?
10. Is there anything that you would love for us to ADD to the Vision Quest 2020 MasterMind Immersion, that you feel would make the experience even more amazing?
11. How did you find out about this retreat? (Via a friend, coach, email newsletter, youtube, facebook, instagram, intuitive googling etc.)
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12. Do you have any special needs or wishes? Include (if applicable):– Dietary restrictions.– Physical needs and/or disabilities.– Anyone that you're attending together with and want to share a room with.
13. Is there anything else you want to share?
15. in one year from now assuming all your desires breakthroughs and manifestations happen on this retreat, and beyond - what are the biggest milestones you’re celebration about your last year?!
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