Overture 20-21 Permission Form
This form must be completed by our 9/22/2020 meeting in order for the student's work to be published in our magazine.
What is Overture?
Overture is a creative writing and art program at Miller Middle School. Each year, staff members will participate in editing workshops and creative writing and art activities. At the end of each cycle of meetings, writers and artists will be encouraged to submit their finalized and polished work(s) (either writing pieces or artwork) to the editors at overtureliterarymagazine@gmail.com in order to be published.
How will student work be published?
Overture Literary Magazine will be distributed throughout Miller Middle School digitally this year. This online version will be publicized through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as through the official Overture Literary Magazine webpage.
Student Name *
Parent/Guardian Name *
I understand that if my child submits artwork and/or writing to the Overture editors to be published, it will be published and made accessible to the public. *
Parent/Guardian Signature (please type your name) *
Have questions?
Contact us at our email (overtureliterarymagazine@gmail.com) or at our website (overtureliterarymagazine.com).
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