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Terms of Membership:

Meat Club membership operated by Farm2Table Meats, LLC is a 1 year subscription, after which time, members have 30 days to cancel by emailing If you do not cancel, your subscription will be renewed for another year and the same cancellation policy shall apply.

Members will charged on the 25th of each month and orders will be delivered or shipped the first week of the following month. Free home delivery is limited to areas included on the maps our website and is subject to change.

Payment must be received prior to the delivery date or the order will not be delivered.

Members may change their monthly order up to 2 times during each 12 month period by emailing 30 days in advance.

New members may cancel their membership for any reason within 7 days of receiving the first order by submitting a request in writing to Farm2Table Meats. This will not entitle you to a refund but will stop future monthly orders.

All purchases are nonrefundable.

Members will be added to the email list for Farm2Table Meats and may opt out at any time.

Members are responsible for leaving a cooler outside where it can be easily accessed for deliveries if no one answers the door. If there is no cooler outside, the package will be left near the door. Farm2Table Meats LLC is not responsible for any spoiled product or any other issues after delivering the product, including theft.

The front door must be easily accessible without gates, gate codes, dogs, or any other encumbrance in order to be a delivery point.

Meat Club orders are delivered during the first week of each month. Members will be notified via email which day their order will be delivered and dates are subject to change as the business grows and/or if weather or other emergent events make delivery impossible.

Because Farm2Table Meats LLC is a local cooperative, product supplies and/or options may change. Farm2Table Meats will notify Members of any changes and make appropriate adjustments on the price of monthly orders.
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PRE-PACKED BOXES. Choose as many as you like and you'll get each one every month
We realize you may want more flexibility than our pre-packed boxes offer. Below you can choose between 3 and 6 items for your monthly box. Feel free to call Neil at 303.520.8490 if you have questions about how this works!
3 items for $100/month; 4 items for $135/month; 5 items for $169/month; 6 items for $190/month
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