Major Band Awards Form
These awards will be presented to deserving SENIORS at our May Band Banquet. All band members are allowed to vote. If you do not know enough to vote for a senior award, you do not need to cast a vote. Descriptions for each award are included.
John Philip Sousa Band Award
This award is restricted to one per school per year. Select the ONE senior you feel fits this awad.This is the highest honor a band student may receive in high school. The award recognizes superior musicianship, dependability, loyalty, and cooperation.
Patrick Gilmore Band Award
This award honors outstanding high school band students and their achievements and commitment to the band. Select the ONE senior you feel has earned this award. It can be considered as a "runner-up" award to the JPS Award above.
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
This is the "top senior jazz award." It is given out by high schools nationwide to recognize "outstanding musical achievement and an incredible dedication to the program". Typically there is only one recipient per high school. Select ONE senior that exemplifies excellence in JAZZ BAND performance.
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