The Toolbox was launched in January 2016 and contains a library of information around medicines research and development. More than 5.5 million users have accessed the information on the Toolbox since its launch - in 13 languages.
At EUPATI we need your help to understand how we can improve this important resource and make sure that it can be of use to the communities we serve. You can offer precious insights on how and what you use the Toolbox for, what works well, what could be improved and the type of content you may want to find on it in the future.

We appreciate how precious your time is. It will take you approximately 7 minutes to complete the survey. Please do not worry about data confidentiality - the survey is completely anonymous.

We will be sharing the survey results on our website as well as through our social media channels. If you have any questions about this survey, please email directly and she will be able to assist you.

Thank you very much for helping us - we are very grateful for your continuous support!

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What country are you based in?
In your own words, please describe which stakeholder group you belong to (e.g. patient representative, academia, non-profit, industry, etc.)
How did you find out about the EUPATI Toolbox?
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Could you share more details about how you found out about the Toolbox (for example, who signposted you, what were you looking for through your Google search, etc.)? This will help us get a clearer idea about how to improve our communications about the Toolbox
What do you use the EUPATI Toolbox for?
How helpful do you find the EUPATI Toolbox?
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In your own words, could you explain the reasons for your answer to the previous question?
How often do you use the EUPATI Toolbox?
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What could be improved on the EUPATI Toolbox?
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Would you have any further suggestions about what could be improved?
What type of content would you like to see on the EUPATI toolbox in the future?
In your own words, is there anything else that we should be considering to develop further the EUPATI Toolbox?
Are you a EUPATI Fellow?
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