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Please read the passage below, which reproduces the language from the sign-in book we traditionally used at the studio. 4YOGA NOTICE: The practice of yoga is physically challenging. With all physically challenging exercise programs, even for persons in perfect health, there is an inherent risk of injury. You are responsible for ensuring that you do not engage in activities that are incompatible with your level of experience, physical condition, or health concerns. Please consult your personal physician prior to participating in a yoga class if you have any concerns regarding your health that may limit your ability to participate. If you have any particular physical limitations that prohibit your participation, please discuss them with the instructor prior to the beginning of class. WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: In consideration for receiving yoga instruction, the undersigned for him/herself, his or her heirs, executors, administrators, agents and assigns, hereby releases, acquits and discharges, 4yoga and The Pots Place, its or their agents, employees, members, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for damages for personal injury or wrongful death and any and all costs, expenses and compensation relating thereto, on account of, or in any way growing out of, the undersigned receiving instruction in and participating in yoga. The undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the above terms of this Waiver and Release of Liability. *
I have read the above waiver and release of liability and fully understand its contents. By typing my name here in this electronic form, I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above. (If participant is under age of 18, then, as the legal guardian of the participant, by typing my name here, I consent to the above terms and conditions.) * *
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