Presentation College Technology Registration
Use this form to register through technology at Presentation College. All students are required to have a laptop that meets the required minimum specifications. Required specifications can be found at:

For new students, laptops must meet minimum requirements and be less than 3 years old.

If you require any assistance with the completion of this form please contact the Help Desk by phone at 605-229-8411 or by email at

The Help Desk may contact you by phone or email to verify the information entered below. More information will be sent out to individuals based on the data submitted. Please use your Presentation College Email for registration.

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Technology Requirements
Have you logged in to Moodle? *
It is required to log in to Moodle before completion of this form.
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It is strongly advised that you log in at least once per day.
Laptop Requirements
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For Example: HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Mac
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For Example: Elitebook, Inspiron, Thinkpad, Aspire, MacBook Air
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Normally found on the back of the device or under the battery.
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Operating System *
Android, IOS, Chrome Operating Systems are not acceptable devices.
To find the RAM of your machine, look under "System" in Control Panel. Must be a minimum of 4 GB to meet requirements.
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