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Almost there! We are optimizing the Minor requirements, and we want to know about your completed and planned coursework. Select a dropdown option that indicates the quarter you completed the course for credit. If you plan to take the course in the future, select a dropdown option that indicates the quarter you intend to enroll. You may also indicate if you are not planning to take the course or if you are not sure.
Computer Science 31: Introduction to Computer Science I
Computer Science 32: Introduction to Computer Science II
PIC 10A: Introduction to Programming
PIC 10B: Intermediate Programming
PIC 10C: Advanced Programming
Computer Science 121 (or Chem 160A): Introduction to Bioinformatics and Genomics
Computer Science 122 (or Chem 160B): Algorithms in Bioinformatics and Systems
Computer Science 124: Computational Genetics
Computational and Systems Biology 184
Math 33A: Linear Algebra and Applications
Life Science 3: Introduction to Molecular Biology
Life Science 7A: Cell and Molecular Biology
Biostatistics 100A: Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostatistics 110A: Basic Biostatistics
Civil and Environmental Engineering 110: Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Electrical Engineering 131A: Probability
Mathematics 170A: Probability Theory
Statistics 100A: Introduction to Probability Theory
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Finally, tell us about your research experience and goals.
Have you worked in any research labs at UCLA?
If yes, list each lab with a date range (e.g., ZarLab from summer 2015 to present).
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Are you looking for a research lab to join?
Did you attend B.I.G. Summer or any other summer research programs?
If other, please provide the name of the program(s).
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Are you thinking about applying to graduate school?
Do you have any other comments or questions regarding research or career development opportunities in Bioinformatics at UCLA?
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