The George & Dorothy Walton Award Nomination Form
Background & Instructions
George & Dorothy Walton were a couple of the American Revolution, whose relentless efforts and generous service left a lasting mark on the state of Georgia and, more locally, the CSRA-area. They were life-long public servants who humbly served their community, seeking no recognition or praise. AP Wealth Management presents this award to a CSRA-area couple who exemplify the legacy and values of George and Dorothy Walton.

The George & Dorothy Walton Award recognizes a married couple who have contributed outstanding service to our community in the spirit of George and Dorothy Walton, expressly:
• Their lifestyle exemplifies selflessness, hospitality, courage and devotion to the nation, to community and the health of family in our culture.
• They both have a strong public service record (together or as individuals).
• Their lives and volunteering have a significant impact on people in our community.

The award is presented annually in February. The winning couple receives a physical award for display in their home or business, and are invited to choose a 501(c)(3) organization based in the CSRA to receive a substantial monetary donation. (Donation given in honor of the winning couple.)

(Winners are chosen by the George and Dorothy Walton Award Committee and selections are subject to final approval of the committee.)

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