Seats for The Brave.
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We get it, drought is a bugger of thing. It's tough out here in Regional NSW at the moment and we appreciate how brave it is to be starting or scaling a business in this current economic climate. Through this initiative by The Exchange, we aim to better alleviate economic stressors, lack of connectivity and boost community for bush founders during these times of hardship. To champion and encourage those seeking additional off-farm income whilst providing financial relief as they transition.

In collaboration with corporate sponsors, we will deliver dedicated free coworking desks to the value of $12,000 each for our Seats for The Brave recipients. The recipients of these sponsored desks will have access to not only a free desk, but also to all the additional amenities, programs and facilities The Exchange offers over the course of 2020.

We appreciate you registering your interest in this sponsorship. This is a way for urban-based businesses to be able to practically support you and help Regional Aus meet its full potential.

The Exchange - Where the challenge, meets the change.
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