Petition for a legislated 70% renewable energy target by 2040 in Bermuda
Within the next 25 years, parts of Bermuda are predicted to be underwater due to sea level rise and climate change.

Bermuda is one of the most isolated nations in the world with some of the highest electricity rates on the planet and a heavy reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuel.

Wind and solar energy is abundant and free. Harnessing it will create more jobs, keep more money in our local economy and make our island more resilient all while reducing the cost of electricity for everyone.

Currently, less than 2% of Bermuda’s electricity is produced with renewable resources, a small amount is produced by incinerating waste and the rest by burning imported foreign fuel. There is currently no legislated renewable energy targets.

Bermuda needs to do a better job of safeguarding our island economy for current and future generations and we need to act with urgency now!
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We, the people of Bermuda, request that the Government of Bermuda enact legislation to require that 70% of our electricity is produced with renewable energy sources by 2040.
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