Armatage Family Directory - New Student/Family Form
Thank you for including your information in the Armatage Family Directory! Once we have your family information in the Directory, you will get an email that will allow you to create an account for Join Our Class. At that time, you can update your family information, add photos and access the Directory to look up classmate contact information.

**If you and all of your students were an Armatage family last year (2019-2020), you are already in the Family Directory and you do not need to fill out this form. If you need help logging in or for directions on using the Directory - see information here:

1) your family is brand new to Armatage this year and have not been in the Family Directory previously, or

2) you have a new student at Armatage this year, who has sibling/s that was/were at Armatage last year (ie - new Kindergarteners with older siblings, your family information is already in the Directory, but we need to add your new student to your family.)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have access to Join Our Class and you need to add a new student. Please use this form instead of using the button in Join Our Class. *Your student should already be in the Directory, so if you add a student with the green button in Join Our Class, we’ll get a duplicate. We need to “attach” your student to you through the admin functions - so fill out this form and we’ll get it taken care of!
What information do you need to add to the Directory?
Student's First Name
Student's Last Name
Room number/Teacher *
Please select your student's homeroom. For student's formerly in room 104 - we will be reassigning to their For list by teacher, see Directory here: K/ Rm 101 (Michele "Ms. Michele" Lembecker); K/ Rm 102 (Heather "Ms. Heather" Lingen); K/ Rm 105 (Abigail "Ms. Abigail" Fischer); K/ Rm 107 (Jane "Ms. Jane" Campbell); 1-2/ Rm 104 (Formerly Ms. Heidi); 1-2/ Rm 106 (Ashley "Ms. Ashley" Tomechko); 1-2/ Rm 108 (Susie "Ms. Susie" King); 1-2/ Rm 109 (Juliet "Ms. Juliet" Holder); 1-2/ Rm 110 (Denise "Ms. Denise" Clare); 1-2/ Rm 111 (Jessica "Ms. Jessica" Mahabadi); 1-2/ Rm 112 (Lisa "Ms. Walker" Walker); 1-2/ Rm 113 (Jean "Ms. Jean" Avecilla); 3/ Rm 124 (Tina "Ms. Tina" Swift); 3/ Rm 125 (Kelly "Ms. Kelly" Alexander); 3/ Rm 126 (Stacy "Ms. Stacy" Katzovitz); 3/ Rm 127 (Kristen "Ms. Kristen" Hanson); 4-5/ Rm 114 (Ralph "Mr. Ralph" Sievert); 4-5/ Rm 115 (Christian "Mr. Christian" Houdek); 4-5/ Rm 116 (Michelle "Ms. Michelle" Loomans); 4-5/ Rm 117 (Staci "Ms. Staci" Owens); 4-5/ Rm 118 (Melissa "Ms. Melissa" Hagberg); 4-5/ Rm 119 (Marie "Ms. Marie" Voreis)
Siblings with Room number/Teacher (already in Directory)
These should be students who were enrolled in Armatage last year who are already in the Family Directory. If you need to add another new student, please fill out the form a second time.
Caregiver 1 - First Name *
Caregiver 1 - Last Name *
Caregiver 1 - Email *
Caregiver 1 Phone number
Caregiver 2 - First Name
Caregiver 2 - Last Name
Caregiver 2 - Email
Caregiver 2 - Phone number
Primary Address
Zip Code
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